Thursday, November 1, 2012

Python Ternary Operator

I was checking webmasters and noticed a search for python lambda if else that lead to here. I figured if Google was already pointing in this direction, I may as well make a post since I already know how to use an if/else in Python.

The first thing to note is that you use a ternary operator. Ternary operators are relatively recent to Python and most people I know don't seem to like ternary operators. The reason we need to use a ternary operator is because a lambda function must return a value and ternary operators always return a value. Their very purpose is to return a value based on a condition for things like variable assignments or returns on a function. The syntax for a ternary operation in Python is as follows (with variable assignment).

x = valueIfTrue if someCondition else valueIfFalse

So you can have something along the lines of this.

x = 1
print "It is one" if x == 1 else "It is not one"
# It is one

It can also be used as a single argument for a function. Due to this being a one-line statement that always returns a value, it can be used to preform a simple if/else within a lambda function.

even = lambda x: False if x % 2 else True

Now like magic, we created a lambda function for even numbers. This can be used for filtering or mapping a list, however using list comprehension is faster and does not require creating a lambda function, not to mention with a little alteration you can have a generator expression.

So there's a quick and dirty introduction to ternary operators in Python and how to evaluate an if/else in a lambda function.

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