Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Asus Router Connection Problems and Possible Fix

I have an Asus RT-AC3100, but this fix may potentially work on other models.

So the symptoms of the problem I was having included:
  • inconsistent pings or unable to ping another device (sometimes it worked if I tried to ping from one and then the other)
  • Network printing drops off
  • inconsistent network discovery if it works at all
  • high latency for simple local pings (like 9-15ms as opposed to 1ms)
  • network map constantly dropping and adding devices as their activity changed
  • inconsistent snmp, sometimes devices not responding for days (I had a few days when the router showed as down, but all my other devices as up, which is impossible to actually happen)
I searched the internet for days trying to find any hints at this, and it was always the same story, upgrade your firmware. Well, I do. I check at least once a month for updates and update, even if I have to upload it manually. So what is the solution I just found? Well, it's dumb and stupid but it looks like it's working.


Go into the LAN option under Advanced Settings. Click on the Route tab. Change Enable static route to yes. Then we add a network to it, I'll assume yours is like mine. Under network/host, add Netmask should be Gateway will be the router ip, I just ignored metric and left the interface on LAN. Click the + and then apply. It took my router a moment after rebooting before it went into full swing, but that could have been in part due to this old mac book pro being a bit weird with the network connection in general.

I hope this helps anyone having these issues.

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