Friday, August 16, 2013

Apps for Rooted Android Phones

I just recently rooted my Samsung Galaxy S3, and figured in the spirit of rooting, I'd mention some of the apps I found useful. The two obvious apps were Root Browser and SuperSU, but these are more so background things to have. The main reason for me rooting was to get better handling and removal of bloatware.

Clean Master
This is an app that lets you remove all that useless junk taking up space from your phone. You can clean out caches, remove system applications (be careful with this), bulk uninstall, clear out tasks, and delete private data. Also can create a widget shortcut that lets you selectively remove tasks from memory.

Disk Digger
Okay, so let's say you goofed and deleted something you actually needed. How do you get it back? Well, disk digger is a nice little recovery tool to get that information back. While it is not guaranteed 100%, no recovery process is. Something like this is more so a last ditch effort to possibly save your butt.

This nifty little app may earn you some extra battery life. It will list off to you apps that may potentially drain battery life and allows you to hibernate them. I can't be all too sure if it has helped me any, but I am hoping it is and not just a placebo effect.

Those are the only ones I have found that are actually useful so far. Most of the other things I wanted didn't work well and there are a whole lot that I don't have any need for, despite being on many "must have" apps for rooted users. And even further, a lot did the same stuff as others. I also didn't put a custom ROM on, but I may experiment with that later.

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