Friday, June 27, 2014

Web Dev and Auditing Tools

I've been using Firefox for a while and I find it to have some of the best tools for web development and basic auditing. So I decided to make a collection of some of the tools I think are very useful. You can check it out here. Just to add some explanation, here's a quick breakdown and explanation of the tools and what you could potentially use them for.

Firebug - This tool is one of my favorites. There is a Javascript console to interact with web pages and inject code in. DOM inspection as easy as a right click. Viewing of CSS and quick editing for adding or removing properties. HTML editing. Network monitoring. Cookie viewing and editing. It's the most amazing web development tool.

NoScript - Not only is this a security tool, it allows you to enable or disable various pieces of Javascript and Flash on a web page. I've used it to see websites before Javascript dynamically alters them and that can be quite useful. Also gives some ways around those annoying Javascript validation checks.

Greasemonkey - A very robust tool to create user scripts. A user script will run when a web page loads, basically giving you an automatic way of injecting Javascript code. On top of that, there is quite a repository of useful tweaks and tools that you can add in. Lots of potential for what you can do with this one.

Tamper Data - Spoof headers. Plain, simple, easy. A great way to check for security holes, bugs or just have fun sending sites erroneous data.

Cookies Manager+ - View and edit cookies. Firebug can do this, but the interface here is a bit better for such tasks in my opinion.

Hackbar - A toolbar with some premade tools to aid in auditing and penetration testing. This won't hack a site for you, but it makes setting up a hack a little bit quicker and a lot easier. It requires some skill and knowledge to use but can give you some ideas of things to look into to learn as well.

RefControl - Spoof your referer. It will allow you to automate spoofing your referer.

User Agent Switcher - Tell a site you're a different browser, a made-up browser, look for security holes or whatever. This allows you to automatically spoof your User-Agent.

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