About Me

Hello world! My name is Matthew and I'm an IT person. I tend to cover a broad range of different things with IT from hardware repairs, programming, networking, to administration.


A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems
Comptia A+
Comptia Security+


Currently I work as an IT Specialist. Despite the lackluster title, I do quite a bit at work. Most days are boring with basic hardware repair. I also maintain the imaging servers (CentOS with Fog) at all locations (15) as well as creating the Windows 7 and 10 images we use for deployment. I also deal with basic networking from switch configuration and deployment, access points, to VOIP phones.


For a while I did work on a few websites. I can work with PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also know a some about databases, worked with MySQL and Oracle 11g. For work and personal use, I also can work with batch, Bash, and Powershell. For basic programming, I use Python and Haskell. I started out learning Java, but it has been a long time since I've used it. I can do a little bit of editing when I need to with C and Perl. Work has also required me to occasionally work on Tcl files on out routers for automated backups since they support it.


I dabble with computer security and some basic hacking. When it comes to administration of many devices, some hacking techniques can prove to be very useful. I use Kali Linux and its wide range of tools for most things. I will also use the tor network at work as a quick and easy way around the firewall when I need access to content we block for reasons of other people. I have also dissected some malware set loose on our network through the imaging servers when someone else managed them. I used a debugger to get an idea of what was going on, it was a keylogger. Then using wireshark, managed to trace it to a home IP address of an intern.

Opinions on Tech

Some easy points to hit on that I feel need to be said:
  • All operating systems suck; use one that sucks the least for what you're doing
  • I like working in command lines whenever possible mostly because it looks cool (there are things that are easier there, but the looks win me over)
  • A.I. is not what the media plays it up to be, we got a while before scifi AI becomes a reality if ever
  • Encryption and A.I won't save the world
  • I get there are security flaws in my tech and on my network, they're everywhere; people leave me alone because nothing useful or good is on my network
  • I hate password remembering programs
  • Don't tell me you are a linux enthusiast and can't use Vim
  • I don't like the show Mr. Robot because of the attempts at realism with the usual hollywood drama
  • I don't care when tech in Hollywood is unrealistic, it's called suspension of disbelief; plus I like to laugh at it later with other tech people because it makes me feel smrt
  • I don't want to hear about how your computer breaking wasn't your fault, I'm just there to fix it so all I care about is what is wrong
  • I don't care that you've been using <insert OS here> and going to <insert OS here> is hard, I use multiple OSes all day for fun
I could go on for days, but you should get the idea by now.

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