Monday, March 19, 2012

NoScript URL Javascript

I've been messing around with javascript and helping someone learn it, and one thing I've noticed is a lot of people seem to have NoScript now. NoScript is an addon that can allow you to selectively run or block javascript. While this is great, there is one option I don't see openly on the options for it. Whenever trying to run javascript in the url bar, it's blocked. While this is good for people dumb enough to run javascript directly from someone not trustworthy (I have used url run javascript to get someone's cookie information and hijack their session), it can be a problem when just messing around with stuff for someone who knows what they are doing but doesn't know about the way to allow url run javascript.

So to find the option, first go to the about:config (enter about:config in your url). Then in the filter, enter noscript.allowURLBarJS. You can right click and select the toggle option or simply double click the result you get. Once set to true, should be able to run url javascript, but only on sites that the domain is allowed to run javascript. Running javascript in the url still sandboxes it in to whatever tab you're on.

Whatever you do, be careful what you run when using this, can lead to information being taken to breaking some stuff. Other times, can be just a way to mess around with a site you're on quickly and easily, like bookmarklets.

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