Sunday, January 24, 2016

Information Dump: Comptia Security+

So a few days ago, I passed the test to get my Security+. Now, I'm going to give you an idea of what the test was like. The reason I want to is because my cousin, who had already gotten the certification, said the test was easy. I was using the CertMaster material, and that stuff was hard as far as lots of little things to remember.

Well, here's the broad overview. Like the A+ tests, it includes simulations and multiple choice. The simulations were not exactly simulations so much as a visual word problem. The simulations were a bit confusing as far as the directions go, but once I understood what the goal was, it was easy.

The biggest problem I ran into was how the questions were worded. I had flagged a few for review and when I went through them again, I realized I had picked the wrong answer because I didn't understand the question correctly. So, I went through the whole test roughly three times before I ran out of time. When the questions were understood, the test itself was relatively easy, even for someone like myself with horrible test taking skills.

As far as must know material for the test, it jumped around a lot. I was assuming it would probably focus on some core concepts such as CIA or risk and controls, but that only seemed to be present in maybe two questions.

Either way, the test was easy to answer, just read the questions very carefully. Now here's my study guide/cheat sheet I made while studying for the test.

Comptia Security+ Reference

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