Thursday, July 27, 2017

Old Tech: Powerbook 520C

So I found this amazing piece of technology and decided to see if it still worked... and it did! It's from 1994, which means I was four years old when someone bought this. The battery has long since swollen, but the rest appears to be in great condition. Although, there is some fading on the bottom left corner.

Check it out, there's a floppy drive! I knew I kept my floppy disks around for a reason.

I can identify a SCSI, headphone, and microphone port, I assume the one left to the SCSI is some kind of a display port, but this is something I think I need a manual for.

A nice swollen battery.

Some stickers for accessibility I assume. Regardless, this thing looks cool.

So you remember when the Apple logo was a rainbow? I do. I was a little kid at the time and disliked those computers being called Macintosh because I don't like mcintosh apples. I prefer golden delicious or honey crisp.

And here is video proof it works! Enjoy the background talk. I wanted to include all the wonderful noises and clicks from the good old days.

I hope someone enjoys this. I did, seeing stuff almost as old as I am in action is interesting to me.

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