Thursday, July 25, 2019

Techs from the Crypt: Renovations

So recently at one of my job sites, they are doing major renovations. Part of those renovations is building a man trap entrance in the entrance. There was an office already next to the doors, so they decided to use that as the reception. There wasn't anything that I needed to do, as it was all the job of maintenance and contractors. All the ethernet was already ran to that room.

After being questioned about it, I told them who they needed to talk to and that everything should already be setup. So I figured they could just plug everything in and be ready to go. That was at the beginning of the summer. Now, with school about to start, they were getting everything in place. I got a work order about the internet not working. The setup is a little weird, it goes to a POE phone, then to the computer as a daisy chain. Often times people plug the ports in backwards, so the phone won't get POE and turn on.

So I went to the job site and hooked up the stuff. Nothing. That's a little weird, I thought. So I moved around the connections in the room and over on the switch. Still nothing. So I figure maybe they pulled a connection loose when moving things around.

I get out my network tester and plug it in. It reads 11 feet with no connection. That's a little strange when the cord alone is only 8 feet. So I pull off the plate and pull out the ports. Everything looked secure. This is strange. Sitting back on the floor, I run through the scenario in my head and survey the area.

That's right, they put a window in the wall. They couldn't, could they? In disbelief I grab all the cords and yank them out of the wall.

They cut THROUGH  the cables. They cut through FIVE ethernet cords and said absolutely nothing about it. I don't know which was worse, the fact that it happened or me expecting better of people. Of all the lazy, half-assed, idiotic, and just plain stupid things I've seen done, this is one I won't soon forget. Just the other year we paid a contractor to run those drops, and this year they paid someone to screw it up. Now I have to waste my time because some idiots couldn't be bothered to check before they cut.

A word to anyone in or to be in the IT field, expect stupid. When presented with all options, the dumbest reason is usually the real reason.

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