Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Multiple Operating Systems on One Flashdrive from Linux

Recently I decided to take some old flash drives I have not been using and turn them into tools for things like security and data recovery. The problem became I had so many tools I wanted to cram on them, but only a handful of flashdrives. Furthermore, a good portion of what I wanted was small and putting them on their own dedicated drive was a bad use of space.

So now the hunt was on to turn one of the larger flash drives into a multi-boot. Normally I use UNetBootin to create bootable flash drives. I did this for Kali and PartedMagic because I started with making those tools first. Now after much trying to use UNetBootin to create multiple operating systems on one drive, tried multiple partitions, I went to Google. Google gave some possible ways to do it, but they were inefficient. So finally I found something late at night.

Multisystem is a quick and easy way to set this up. Despite it being in French (according to Google), but I only speak English and can work it with no problem, so it's all good. You can load operating systems onto it by dragging and dropping. You can view more options by clicking the button on the left hand side with the eyeball. To see what any of the buttons do, just hover over them. Everything else should be pretty straight-forward.

Now after doing all of this, I found one slight problem. Installing tinycore is done slightly incorrect and makes it so that you can't setup programs for loading on the boot as a result. So if you want to set up tinycore, here's what you should do after it is all set up. First, you want to browse the files. Change the folder "cde" to "tce". Next, open up boot/grub/grub.cfg. Look for something along the line of this in the file:

menuentry "Tiny Core Linux" {
linux /cde/boot/vmlinuz quiet cde showapps desktop=flwm_topside
initrd /cde/boot/core.gz

Now you want to change it so that all the places it says "cde" say "tce". So the end result of the example posted looks like this.

menuentry "Tiny Core Linux" {
linux /tce/boot/vmlinuz quiet tce showapps desktop=flwm_topside
initrd /tce/boot/core.gz

I have not come across any other problems yet, but I haven't really messed around with everything on it yet.

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