Monday, September 23, 2013

Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII Rooting and Unauthorized Software

*** This includes information for getting back the original phone setup without losing data and can be used for rooting and unlocking the bootloader (see near end of post)

I was playing around with my GS3 that I had rooted, and I wanted to try out a custom ROM. I didn't bother reading about it and am still pretty new to smart phones, so I risked screwing up or even bricking my phone. So I got the custom ROM on their and restarted my phone and was met with a yellow triangle and a warning about detecting unauthorized software and to take my phone to the nearest Verizon store to fix it.

After a bit of searching, I found a way to fix it. So the first thing you need is a Windows computer. This won't work on Wine and can be a bit buggy through a virtual machine. Keep in mind, no data will be lost, but this will reset the system back a ways.
  1. Install the Samsung USB driver
  2. Download Odin 3.07
  3. Download Kies Home GS3
  4. Boot the phone into Odin recovery by holding down the volume down, home and power button at the same time (don't let go when it vibrates the first time)
  5. Start up Odin and connect the phone, one of the boxes should turn blue which means it's ready
  6. On the bootloader, browse to Kies, it will take a while for it to check out, once done just run it
Now the next time you restart, all should be back to the way it was, only a bit out of date.

Now onto rooting and unlocking the bootloader. This can be done with Linux or Windows, but for it to work on Linux, you need Java up to the very latest version, probably want to use the official version.
  1. Download Casual
  2. Turn on USB debugging (System settings -> Developer options)
  3. Connect and select to root
  4. To unlock the bootloader, first install the Clockworkmod Recovery
  5. Then select to unlock the bootloader
Like magic, everything works, hopefully. After I got it all working, I used ROM Manager to install the Cyanogen Mod.

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